A collection of useful links related to juggling, training options, organizations, contemporary circus, or shopping for juggling props.


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Artis-Tick Signal groupThe signal group of the Artis-Tick association for various concerns and short-term arrangements
jonglieren.atjonglieren.at is an open internet project for anyone who juggles, wants to learn, or is generally interested in the topic. If you are looking for current information from Austria, learning resources, or other information to offer, this is the right place
Circusinfo MapAn interactive map of interest groups, companies, venues, and offerings for contemporary circus
Circus calenderA calendar for events, performances, and workshops related to contemporary circus
USI JonglierkursThe University Sports Institute offers a juggling course as part of its course offerings
TRAPTRAP is a non-profit association, promoting contemporary circus, artistry and the performing arts. It has three spaces (50-400m²) that can be used independently and is residential project, pub, and simply fantastic all at once
Zirkus KaosA circus assembly in Vienna with a variety of offerings for young and old
PassistA very helpful passing pattern generator with filtering functions and descriptions.
JonglierfabrikOur active sister organization in Upper Austria
Mindful JugglingA initiative to integrate juggling with enthusiasm into everyday life in order to discover potential for positive impacts. For beginners and advanced individuals, simple and accessible


Filzi's WebshopMario Filzi sells juggling items and also hosts workshops, courses, and seminars
BumfidlA store for juggling props (and everything related) in Vienna